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  • Eritrean Father stabbed his wife and her two children to death, injured her mother.

    It happened in Columbus Ohio last Monday. According to Admas Radio sources, he and the family came from Eritrea a year ago. Recently there was an argument between the husband and wife. He is 64, she is 33. They had two children together, and she has two more (18 and 19) from previous relationship.

    According to police report, He came to the house with a knife and killed her and her two teenage children, while injuring her 51 year old Mother. Even if the two other kids, whom he fathered were home, he didnt touch them. At the end, police arrived and told him to drop the knife. When he refused , he was shot and latter died. Admas Radio sources told us that the victims were buried in Columbus Ohio.

    The future fate of the two infants is jeopardized by this incident.

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  • #Bahir_Dar_University launches MA degree program in Ge'ez

    ADDIS ABABA – Bahir Dar University announced that it has recently launched MA degree program in Ge'ez language with fourteen students.

    The university has begun teaching Ge'ez language with a view to exploiting various historical and indigenous knowledge of the language, University Nile Culture Development and Research Center Director and Ge'ez Language Lecturer Dr. Muluken Andualem told The Ethiopian Herald. 
    Ge'ez language teaching is also significant to discover the nation’s history, he said,adding that the university's effort is an inspirational one to other educational institutions .
    “Our Ge'ez language department is just commencing its master's degree program and accepts post graduate students who are lecturers and employees of various culture and tourism bureaus in the country.” 
    The study includes grammar, literature, and critique and conducting research in Ge'ez language, he noted.
    On the other hand, efforts are underway to offer the course in undergraduate, distance and extension programs, he said. 
    As to him, the university has been undertaking over twenty projects aimed at studying Ge'ez language through conducting various researches.
    It is also working with various state governments in the ways of teaching the course at secondary and elementary levels, he indicated. 
    A strong collaboration among stakeholders is significant to obtain notable results in developing and discovering the knowledge of Ge'ez language, he stated.
    According to Gezahegn Abate, a Public and International Relations Director at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, teaching Ge'ez language would help the country to use its historic and ancient knowledge in medicine, cuisine, administration, other social, political and economic affairs.
    The ministry has been organizing various conferences on Ge'ez language in Amhara, Oromia and Tigray states. This year, it has planned to hold the conference in SNNPs state, he said. 
    According to him, the conferences have been successful in presenting various researches on Ge'ez language and selected papers had also been published in journals and other publications.
    This year’s conference would be focused on the significance of Ge'ez language for the national development program, he noted.

    source :ethpress.gov.e


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